For the love of pom-poms

As an incentive to finish knitting my blanket, I have been on the look out for some nice pom-poms to embellish the end once it is complete. Even after a good trawl through Cambridge’s best craft and fabric shops, I haven’t been able to find any that I like the colour or shape of. So, I turned my hand to making my own. I was surprised at how easy they are to make and, the best thing about it is that I’ve been able to use the same wool I’ve been knitting with, so the colours match perfectly! Bizarrely, the most important instrument is a fork…



Using the spokes of the fork to secure your wool in place, wrap your wool round and round. The more times you wrap it round – the larger your pom-pom will be. I did 35 wrap-rounds for a large pom pom, 20 for a medium sized one and 10 made a small one. Once you’ve finished wrapping it round you need to tie it through the middle spoke of the fork (see below youtube video for detailed instructions).



Once you’ve tied all the wool into a large circular shape, use scissors to cut the loops and trim the pom-pom so that the edges are round and smooth, or you could leave them shabby!



Here is my collection of pom-poms so far. I’m going to mix my woollen ones with some felt ones for a bit of variation.


This you-tube video is great for detailed, step-by-step instructions:


Knitting with Nana

With expert knitter Grandma staying this weekend, I am taking full advantage and have dug out my balls of wool and needles to begin a blanket that I’ve been meaning to start for a while.  When it’s finished, it will be a big stripy blanket that I’ll throw on my bed but I’m definitely going to be needing a few one-to-one knitting consultations with Grandma along the way. It may take me a while, but watch this space!