“Aunty Alice”

On Tuesday my sister E gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and made me an Aunty! The sex of the baby was a complete surprise so I had waited to get a present (although I was well equipped with two cards – one pink, one blue). I kept my eyes peeled for the perfect baby gift throughout my sister’s pregnancy and had found so many adorable girls outfits in ditsy floral prints with little peter-pan collars but only found one thing I liked for a boy – these teeny apple-green leather shoes made by Inch-Blue in Ark, Cambridge. 

After meeting my little nephew, I popped into Cambridge on Friday and was delighted to find them still sitting on the shelf.




They are handmade in Wales and I was reassured by the kind shop assistant that the dye and the leather is all completely baby-safe so, should he decided to chew his shoe, it wouldn’t be disastrous. I bought them home and wrapped them up nicely because little boys deserve pretty parcels, too…





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One thought on ““Aunty Alice”

  1. The shoes you bought for your nephew are lovely? I actually knitted a blue pair of shoes. They only took just over an hour to knit but about three hours to sew up so I think buying shoes was a much more sensible idea.

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